GGMC Forms

GGMC BoD Leadership Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a colleague, or nominate yourself, for a leadership position with the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (GGMC) – specifically as a member of the Board of Directors.

The GGMC BoD will meet annually at a minimum as well as attend special meetings called by the Chair or requested by multiple directors. They will be responsible for the organization’s financial goals, set funding strategies, approve annual budgets, and engage in direct outreach for sponsorship and philanthropic donations. They will ensure the direction of GGMC aligns with its stated mission and vision by setting objectives, approving selection of and changes in leadership roles including the G2MC chair / co-chairs / committee members and appointing certain directors to constitute the Executive Committee to represent the BoD, and changes to the Secretariat.

The GGMC is dedicated to ensuring our leadership teams are built on the continuity and of participation by qualified and globally represented members and we are very appreciative of the careful consideration that you have put into this recommendation.

Please complete this form, choosing if you are nominating someone else (please provide your contact information) or nominating yourself. The Secretariat will be in contact with the nominees to collect their personal statements prior to the Leadership review of nominee submissions. Thank you again for your time and consideration!