GGMC Reports From ASHG 2023: Day One

Our own Scott Sundeth had the privilege of attending the American Society of Human Genetics’ Annual Meeting this November. It was an exciting opportunity for Scott to connect with some remarkable individuals in the field, among them were Early Career Investigators Comfort Kanji and David Twesigome , who have kindly allowed GGMC to display their abstracts.

Their abstracts are attached below in .pdf form.

Pharmacokinetics of Tamoxifen and its major metabolites and the effect of the African ancestry specific CYP2D6*17 variant on the formation of the active metabolite, endoxifen.

Characterisation of CYP2D6, CYP2B6, and CYP2A6 pharmacogenetic variation in African populations and development of the StellarPGx diplotype calling algorithm.